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Dr. Kyrenia Sanchez

Primary Care Physician

Dr. Kyrenia Sanchez Rodriguez is originally from Cuba and moved to the United States in 2016. She has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years with experience in Family medicine, Geriatric, and Plastic Surgery. Her interest in medicine started at a young age. Her mother was a Biochemistry Professor at the University of Cuba. Dr. Sanchez fell in love with this profession because of her mother’s passions.

Dr. Sanchez is passionate about helping and caring for people. She graduated as a Medical Doctor at the University of Medicine in Cuba in 1998. She completed her Residency program in Plastic Surgery in 2003 in Havana, Cuba. Dr. Sanchez has practiced Medicine in several countries including Trinidad, Tobago, Spain, and Puerto Rico. Dr. Sanchez has loved being able to touch diverse lives, learn of different cultures and health systems. The experiences have given her the opportunity to be able to adapt to any environment, workload, and cultural changes.

Dr. Sanchez considers it a great day when she is able to create long-lasting relationships with her patients and provide high-quality care. She is passionate about the happiness and well being of the NeighborMD patients.

Dr. Sanchez lives in Miami with her loving family. Her free time is spent with her family and friends. She likes exercising, traveling, and learning about different cultures.

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Health Coaches and Care Coordinators

Hortence Rosario

Health Coach

Hortence Rosario is a Health Coach at NeighborMD of North Miami Beach. She is a registered Medical Assistant who has served the North Miami Beach community for 17 years.

She very much enjoys her interactions with patients. She is passionate about providing the greatest care for each NeighborMD Patient.

Mayerling Pena

Health Coach

Mayerling Pena is a Health Coach at NeighborMD. She has served in the Medical field for over 8 years. The majority of her experience has been in Family Practice.

Mayerling’s role at NeighborMD is to empower patients to make positive lifestyle changes improving their health and wellness.
Mayerling enjoys beautiful weather and the sound of the ocean at the beach. She enjoys reading and lives by the Dr. Seuss quote, “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Claribeth Mesa

Care Coordinator

Claribeth Mesa is a Care Coordinator at NeighborMD of North Miami Beach. She has enjoyed serving in the Medical Field for 8 years.

Her role at NeighborMD includes coordinating referrals for patients, scheduling appointments, and addressing any questions or concerns patients may have. She is passionate about ensuring that all of the patients feel valued, appreciated and their needs are met.
Claribeth loves exercising and enjoys swimming with her kids when she is not caring for patients at NeighborMD.

Stephanie Duperon

Care Coordinator

Stephanie Duperon is a care coordinator at NeighborMD of North Miami Beach. She pursues creating a warm welcome for NeighborMD patients with a smile as they come into the practice.

She is passionate about making them feel comfortable with their Personal Care Team. She aims to create a stress-free experience by answering any questions, addressing concerns, and coordinating patient care efficiently. Seeing patients smile and happy affirms that she has been successful in providing an excellent patient experience.
Stephanie is currently enrolled in Miami Dade college pursuing a degree in Nursing. She hopes to make an impact on healthcare for all people. I am a very bubbly and positive person. The things I enjoy when I’m not at work are enjoying nature, getting a good workout in, relaxing by doing some yoga, and spending time with my sister and my puppy.

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